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Designed to give both ambitious beginners and progressive pros the experience of a lifetime, Skydive Nimsdai gives you a unique opportunity to take in the wonders of the world from a different perspective.

Whether starting in the mountains or on the sea, we combine tandem and solo jumps in far flung destinations with complementary activities and treks that culminate in you surrendering to the skies.


Mt. Everest, Nepal

Dates: May 23rd - Jun 1st
Dates: Oct 23rd - Nov 1st
Duration: 10 days

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Pokhara, Nepal

Dates: April 2024
Duration: 5 days

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Tandem experience: Blue Hole, Belize

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Super cool to jump beside Mount Everest with good friends and great people! Thank you Jesse Grylls, Mingma David, Mingma Tenzi, Nimsdai, Hugo and Arabella MS and family, plus of course Shara and the boys!

Bear Grylls

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